Massey TALKS!

Tina Park at Massey

Tina Park & Junior Fellows@ Massey College, U of T                 (Photo by Milan Ilnyckyj)

Massey Talks is an initiative at Massey College which Tina Park co-founded with Robert Fraser and Julie Wilson in the fall of 2010 to help foster fellowship among all members. 

Massey Talks showcases the lives and works of some very prominent Quadranglers and Senior Fellows of Massey College. Each academic term features two Massey Talks evenings where the speakers engage in an informal discussion with the audience,  primarily composed of our junior and senior fellows and any other interested members of the Massey community.

Considering that there are only limited opportunities for JFs to meet with such distinguished members of our college like yourself, our Massey Talks sessions are intended to provide a personal glimpse into the lives and experiences of our extraordinary fellows. After a brief introduction, each speaker is asked to speak for about 15 minutes about their lives — career, research or any other topic. Then the floor will open for Q&A, moderated by one of the organizers. Massey Talks! aims to create an informal forum for intellectual and personal conversation in an informal environment, in line with the founding principles of Massey College.


Master Hugh Segal, Tina Park & Jim Fleck at Massey College, U of T (Photo by Milan Ilnyckyj)

In the past, Massey Talks hosted fascinating speakers such as President David Naylor, Nobel Laureate Dr.John Polyani, Dr. Margaret MacMillan, Mr. Charles Pachter, Mr. R.H.Thomson, the Honourable Bill Graham, Justice Patrick LeSage, the Very Rev. Honourable Lois Wilson, Dean Mayo Moran (U of T Law School), Master John Fraser, Mr. Michael Valpy, Mr. Mark Smith (KPMG), Mr. John Geiger (Globe and Mail), Dr. Lorna Marsden, Mr. David Hilton, Dr. David Goldbloom(CAMH), to name a few.

For U of T Media Relations department’s coverage, please check out:

For the schedule of Massey Talks for this year, please consult the annual Massey events calendar.


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