• Tina J. Park is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect and a Vice-President of the NATO Association of Canada.
  • Based in Toronto, Tina is a frequent commentator on CBC News, BBC News, Aljeezera, CBS, CBC Power & Politics, CPAC,CBC’s The National,  TVO’s The Agenda, Global News, City News, CTV News, CBC Radio (coast to coast), CP24, Business News Network, LPR, LRC and Bloomberg TV.
  • Tina’s expertise include: South Korean response to Covid19, North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile developments, UN sanctions on North Korea, Asia-Pacific/global security, NATO, Canadian foreign and defence policy, Canadian-Korean relations, R2P, Syrian crisis, South Korean political/economic situations and inter-Korean relations. 
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TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin on North Korea


Tina Park at CTV News on North Korea


Tina Park with Steve LeDrew at CP24


Tina Park at CBC News


Tina Park at CBC News


Tina Park at CBC News on North Korea

Tina Park and CBC Power and Politics North Korea

Tina Park on new UN sanctions on North Korea

tina park and cbc and north korea

Tina Park on the CBC’s The National (Aug 2017)

Tina Park and North Korea CTV

tina park and north korea

tina park and cp24

Tina Park on CP24 on North Korea

Tina Park at the BNN studio, Toronto

Tina Park at the Business News Network about rising tensions on the Korean peninsula & effects on the international economy


Tina Park at the Luncheon Address by the Hon. Justice Michael Kirby, Massey College, University of Toronto (June 2015) Photo by Nicolett Jakab

Tina Park and North Korea BNN


Tina Park at CTV Studio, Toronto (Aug 2016)


Tina Park with Rudyard Griffths, Interview at Bloomberg North TV (Oct 17, 2016)

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Cogeco TV Interview – “Life is…” Tina Park with Peter Handley (2016)


Global News National  – Tina Park with Minna Rhee

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Tina Park &amp; Jeff McArthur at Global News The Morning Show

Tina Park & Jeff McArthur at Global News The Morning Show (Aug 2, 2017)


South Korea Praised for Covid-19 (CBC News with John Northcott)

Macdonald Laurier Institute – Live Webinar Panel: Global insights on Canada’s Covid-19 Fight 

Coronavirus: Why South Korea’s Death Rate is Lower than the US (AlJeezera Plus)

Tina Park on South Korea’s Response to Covid-19 (BBC World News)

Lessons learned from South Korea’s Coronavirus Response (CBS Evening News) 

Inside officials’ struggle to trace the contacts, movements of COVID-19 patients (Global News)

Canada can flatten its pandemic curve by taking lessons from South Korea (Globe & Mail Op ed) 

“Time for a NATO Strategy on North Korea?” >> NATO Defense College – Policy Brief

Why NATO Should be more concerned about North Korea — Voice of America (Korean) 

How testing for COVID-19 works in Quebec, and are we doing enough? (CBC Montreal)

China’s Response to Covid-19: Turning Crisis into an Opportunity (China Today

Covid-19: Lessons from China, South Korea and Italy (Postmedia –


Why 2019 holds the key to peace on the Korean Peninsula (Globe & Mail Op ed) 

Expert Shares Insight into what nuclear de-escalation with North Korea would look like  (The Current on CBC with Anna Maria Tremonti)

South Korea Deserves Credit for Steps Towards North Korean Diplomacy  (BNN)

Questions remain over proposed meeting between the U.S. and North Korea (CBC News)

White House sets terms for meeting with North Korea (City News)

North Korea Opens  Talks with South Korea (CBC News)

North Korea’s Athletes and Delegation Arrive in PyeongChang (CBC News)

PyeongChang 2018: Sports Diplomacy & Peace on the Korean Peninsula (Maclean’s) 

TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin: 2018 – A Year in Preview for Global Affairs

Trump Meets Asian Leaders (CBC News) 

Trump Declares North Korea as a State Sponsor of Terror (CTV News) 

TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin on Nuclear North Korea

Trump Threatens North Korea (CBC News Channel)

Trump’s blustery rhetoric plays right into North Korea’s plan (BNN)

UN Imposes Tough Sanctions on North Korea: What Impact Will Sanctions Have? (CTV) 

Sanctions alone will not change North Korea’s Behaviour (Global News)

Underestimating North Korea has serious consequences (CTV) 

Where North Korea Gets Money For Its Nuclear Weapons (Global News) 

Ineffectiveness of sanctions on North Korea & China’s economic interests (BNN) 

CBC Power & Politics on new UN sanctions on North Korea 

Mr. Trump’s “Fire and Fury” Rhetoric & Prospects for War on the Korean Peninsula  (CBC NEWS NATIONAL)

North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb (CBC) 

North Korea, U.S. Swap Threats (CBC News) 

Maclean’s article by Tina J. Park — Canada & the North Korean Crisis 

North Korea will use Trump’s tweet to remind world why they feel threat    (BNN)

Trump’s warnings are only escalating tensions with North Korea (U of T news) 

UN Passes new sanctions on North Korea (CTV News) 

North Korea has ICBMS: Is it too late to do anything? (Global News) 

Deciphering the Rhetoric Around Nuclear Threats (City NEWS Toronto)

Reality Check: Why a Nuclear War Likely Won’t Break Out (Global News)

Global TV The Morning Show: Tina Park on the ICBM & International Security 

North Korea & Mr Trump’s Rhetoric (CP24) 

UN Imposes New Tough Sanctions on North Korea (CTV) 

North Korea’s ICBMs: Is it too late to do anything? (Global News)

CBC Radio: North Korea’s Second ICBM Testing & Implications for international security (Metro Morning) 

CTV National News: ICBM Test & US-China Relations with Mr.Trump’s Rhetoric 

CTV News: North Korea’s ICBM Test Puts the United States within the Range

North Korean Missile Test a Game Changer (U of T News)

South Korean President’s Impeachment Has Broader Implications for the World 

Radio Canada International — July Fourth ICBM Testing From North Korea 

“Canadian soldiers stopped Seoul from falling in Korean War, could Canada step in again?” By (Toronto Star)

Business News Network on the economic effects of instability on the Korean Peninsula 

Global TV Morning Show on USS Carl Vinson & Rising Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

CTV “Your Morning” with Ben Mulroney on Syrian Chemical Attacks & Responsibility to Protect

CTV “Your Morning” with Anne Marie Mediwake on global security & North Korea

CTV News on North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Test 

CTV News on North Korean Defector Thae Young-Ho 

CPAC Perspective with Alison Smith  (Canadian-Korean Relation, South Korean politics & Nuclear North Korea)

South Korean president’s removal has broader implications for the world, says U of T expert


Recalling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Defection a serious blow to North Korean government, says U of T’s Tina Park

Will R2P Cross the Mogadishu Line? An Interview with Tina Park from the Canadian Centre for R2P (NATO Association of Canada) 

Why Responsibility to Protect is more important than ever 

Carolyn Bennett talks with U of T Media 

Women in House: Putting a human face on politics for female U of T students

What’s behind North Korea’s hydrogen bomb claim (U of T Media) 

North Korea willingness to test nukes ‘a grave threat’ (Toronto SUN) 

Asian-Canadian students visit Israel (CJN)

“Friends Pray for Release of Mississauga Pastor Jailed for Life in North Korea” (Toronto Star)

“Canada Dismayed at Life Sentence Handed to Pastor in North Korea” (Globe and Mail)

Refugee crisis: “This is not just a government project, it’s our project”

Global paralysis on refugee crisis has contributed to deaths of thousands, U of T student tells United Nations

The Trans-Pacific Partnership explained

Election 2015: Canada’s role on the world’s stage

Canada Next: Munk panels on terrorism, ISIS and the global refugee crisis

ISIS, refugees and resisting nostalgia: experts debate Canada’s foreign policy future at Munk School roundtable

Korean officials, scholars strengthen ties with U of T

 Korea Times Daily – Strengthening Canada-Korea Relations

U.S. foreign policy and the responsibility to protect: U of T alumnus recognized in global Undergraduate Awards

Women in House: female students shadow senators, MPs on Parliament Hill

U of T’s “Women in House” on Parliament Hill

Madeleine Albright, Lloyd Axworthy on R2P: Responsibility to Protect

Iceland, icons and equality


<Select Publications>

“Does the UN principle of R2P oblige Canada and its allies to intervene in Syria?” Legion Magazine Face To Face (Jan/Feb 2016 issue) 

Turning East: A pivot to Asia for Canada’s new foreign policy” (With Benoit Hardy-Chartrand)

Untangling the Spirit of Han on the Korean Peninsula & the Future of Trustpolitik” (with the Hon. Hugh Segal) 

From promise to practice, UN marks 10 years of R2P

The Korean ‘jackpot’: Assessing Prospects for Reunification on the Korean Peninsula

When to invoke Responsibility to Protect: The case for Iraq” (With Victor MacDiarmid)

Unlocking Canadian-Korean Trade

Our Responsibility to Prove Assad Wrong


** Just released ** 

Tina J. Park, The Past, Present and Future of Canada-ROK Defence Relations,” in Mutual Security in the Asia-Pacific: Roles for Australia, Canada and South Korea, co-published by CIGI & Asan Policy Institute, 2015. Available for purchase here

Tina J. Park & Victor MacDiarmid, “Selling R2P: Time For Action,” John Forrer and Conor Seyle eds. The Role of Business in the Responsibility to ProtectCambridge University Press, 2016.



Tina Park with the Hon. Hugh Segal & Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy @Massey College

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