Trinity College, University of Toronto

Since 2010, Tina Park has served as a Junior Fellow of Massey College and a Member of the Senior Common Room at Trinity College. Tina is also a World Delta Kappa Gamma Fellow and Jeanne Armour Scholar at the History Department, University of Toronto. In 2013, Tina received the Graduate Scholar Award by the U of T Alumni Association. Tina has been actively engaged with the University of Toronto’s governing process through her involvement on the Budget & Planning Committee & the Academic Board of the Governing Council which oversees decisions involving U of T’s tri-campuses. As a co-founder and executive director of the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Tina chairs the Board of Directors and oversees its research and advocacy efforts both in Canada and overseas. The CCR2P currently has over 200 analysts in Canada and over 150 Senior Fellows & Junior Fellows across the globe.

During her undergraduate years, Tina was awarded Robert Catherwood Scholarship, Ambassador K. Taylor Prize & Gordon Cressy Award for her work with the G8/G20 Research Group and the International Relations Society. Tina is a proud alumna of Trinity College, University of Toronto where she received her Honours B.A. in International Relations (cumma sum laude).  Tina has worked in the past decade as a certified translator (Korean Society of Translators – Level 1) and as a simultaneous interpreter for corporations and governments, including at the G20 Seoul Summit.

Tina is currently a Junior Fellow of the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, a member of the Editors Association of Canada and a director on the Board of the NATO Association of Canada. She is working on the special projects to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 at the Dictionary of Canadian Biographies as part of the Canadian Heritage, focusing on Sir John A. Macdonald. 


G8 Research Group Reunion at Massey High Table!

G8 Research Group Reunion at Massey High Table! (Left to right: Julie Wilson, Tina Park, Cliff Van Der Linden, Sarah Yun)




The Hon. Bill Graham’s Book Launch, Toronto (April 2016)                  ” To Our R2P Heroine, Bill”

Massey College

Massey College, University of Toronto









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